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What Do Home Health Aides Do?

July , 2017

Posted by Melanie Wheeler

Hiring a home health aide can be a fantastic experience, especially for a loved one you want to keep at home rather than place in an assisted or independent living facility. If you are on the fence about hiring a home health aide, consider the benefits that this individual may bring to your loved one's home.

Ensure that Your Loved One Is Eating and Drinking Healthy

Many people who struggle with health issues or who are elderly find that preparing meals becomes a chore. Your loved one will benefit from having somebody at the home at specific hours to create delicious and wholesome meals, especially if a recommended diet is in the works.

Check Blood Pressure, Temperature, and Heart Rate

When was the last time you checked your loved one's blood pressure outside of the doctor's office? Make sure your loved one has that 120/80 reading with the help of a home health care professional.

Keep Track of Prescription Medications and Treatments

It is not uncommon for people with medical conditions to forget to take their medications. Some people experience memory issues related to aging or dementia, and others simply don't remember without a prompt. New medications can become especially frustrating. With a professional on site to present medication as it is needed, you never have to worry again.

Speak to Your Loved One about Pain

If your loved one is in pain on a daily basis, they might not be telling you about it. A home health aide can look for signs of pain or call 911 if they see an emergency situation unfolding.

Make the Home Safe

Safety hazards exist everywhere, unfortunately. Perhaps your loved one does not realize how dark the hallway is, or perhaps memory lapses mean that your family member forgets to lock the door. An aide can prevent this from causing strife or a serious health issue.

Provide Independence

Independence comes with living at home rather than in an assisted living facility. If your loved one is still providing extensive self-care, there may be no reason to move them away from home. Instead, somebody can come to their home and provide them with light assistance.

Essentially, the home health aide is there to help coordinate care between your loved one and medical professionals. The relationship between your loved one and your home health care aide can be incredibly positive for emotional and physical well-being.