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Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Services

September , 2017

Posted by Melanie Wheeler

The need for rehabilitation services is growing steadily with the aging of the U.S. population. If acute-care hospitals make rehab services an integral part of the continuum of care, the patient wins and the hospital wins. The patient doesn't have to transfer to another facility miles from home, and the hospital and physicians keep the patient under their care and in their revenue stream.

SeniorHealth helps hospitals provide rehab services successfully. We tailor each clinical program to meet the specific needs of the hospital, the community and physicians. Our programs involve multi-disciplinary teams of physicians, nurses and therapists who develop and monitor individual treatment plans for each patient that may include:

Initial intake assessment/evaluation
Medically-supervised treatment plan
Multi-disciplinary approach to wellness
Physical therapy
Occupational therapy
Psychological support
Speech/language therapy
Rehabilitation nursing
Therapeutic recreation
Quality and outcomes monitoring

SeniorHealth rehab services deliver excellent clinical outcomes. Our rehab professionals utilize thorough pre- and post-assessments of patient status and careful management of the multi-disciplinary treatment plan to make sure that every patient achieves the most progress possible.

We go beyond tracking the progress of individual patients to tracking our clinical performance against industry benchmarks. Hospital staff collects outcome information on patients who are admitted for inpatient rehabilitation for the first time using the Function of Independence Measurement (FIM) instrument developed by the UDSmrR. The nurses and therapists base this measure on an evaluation, which is completed at the time a person is admitted to the program, again at the time of discharge and again on follow-up. SeniorHealth routinely compares FIM scores to regional and national standards, and our facilities score very favorably in this comparison.

Operations expertise

Delivering rehabilitation services successfully requires specialized operations expertise. SeniorHealth operates rehab services with intense focus on the twin goals of excellent clinical results and financial performance.

We focus on five key areas to make our rehab services successful for both our patients and our acute-care partners:


We believe we build the most productive relationships with physicians. Each facility has marketing teams of rehab professionals who communicate regularly with referral sources and work with hospital staff to make sure the flow of information about incoming patients results in the effective utilization of an appropriate treatment plan.

Recruitment and retention:

The challenges of staffing for rehab services are widely recognized nationally. SeniorHealth provides the focused resources necessary to successfully recruit therapists and nurses, and to keep them once they are hired.

Managing financial performance:

The multi-disciplinary treatment approach that rehab patients require can drain resources and escalate costs without focused management expertise. We know how to maximize clinical outcomes within appropriate time frames and resource utilization. When those factors are in sync, rehab services can provide an excellent revenue stream for hospitals.

Clinical compliance:

We have dedicated personnel for regulatory compliance who work with our administrative and clinical teams to insure that all SeniorHealth programs are operated in compliance with requirements of state and federal agencies and accreditation organizations. Our focus is on maximizing quality outcomes and patient safety.

Quality Assurance:

Our SeniorHealth team is dedicated to providing superior healthcare services for our patients, physicians, and hospital partners.

To insure that we attain that goal, we utilize Quality Assurance teams to execute the following services:

A structured, comprehensive education program for all start-up and management replacement operations.

Ongoing training programs for all licensed professionals.

A comprehensive audit process involving SeniorHealth clinical management and hospital personnel to monitor quality of care and guarantee accountability. Audit results are supplied to hospital QI management.

Helping our partner hospitals score at high levels in JCAHO surveys.

A lead role in implementing standards, recruiting personnel, and other functions that help insure a high-quality clinical service.